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Young Urban Homesteaders

Liquid Peppers RESERVE - The Last Stand 2017 Hot Sauce

Sauces & Condiments: Hot Sauce, International, Salt, Sauce, Spices

8oz Bottle. Hot. Aged at least 9 months. A unique hot sauce with a fresh, green, "salsa verde" flavor. At the end of the year, there are piles of peppers hanging on to the plants that haven't taken on their color, but are packed with flavor and heat. This sauce is made with those peppers. Summer's Last Stand. We start with hot peppers that we grown in-house. We process each pepper individually by hand before fermenting them in a salt brine. The peppers are then blended down into a sauce and aged for at least 9 months. ​ The result is an ode to simplicity. Fermentation slowly breaks down the sugars in the peppers and leaves a depth and complexity of flavor behind that is unmatched. ​ Fermented. Blended. Bottled. That's it.USA / Indiana / Allen County

Locally-Grown Peppers, Reverse Osmosis Water, Pink Himalayan Salt.

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