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Kams EggRolls LLC

Lao Style Vegetable Egg Rolls -- 1 Dozen

Entrees, Sides, & Soups: Entrees, International, Side Dish, Snack, Vegetarian

Lao Style Vegetable Egg Rolls are deep fried using thin wrapper to give the delicious crispy textures for every bite.USA / Indiana / Allen County

Using regular egg roll shell wrapper with carrots, cabbage, chopped onions, white ground peppers, all purpose flour, mushroom seasonings, soy sauce, vermicelli noodle, and vegetable or clear cooking oil. Served with Kams tangy, sweet & sour special dipping sauce.


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Q: What is the best way to heat these eggrolls? Can I freeze them?

A: Thank you for your questions. We do have instructions on how to reheat them on our website and also on one of our earlier posts. As far as freezing them, we recommend the use of the vacuum food sealer. They will help maintain the textures and taste of our egg rolls when you reheat them again. Plus they will help reduce freezer burn. We hope this info helps answered your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you still have more questions or need more information. Thank you. Happy holidays!

May 27th, 2019 person_outline Rebecca
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