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42 Bakery

KETO Pizza Crusts Rosemary, Garlic & Olive Oil (100% Gluten Free and Soy Free) 2 crusts

Baked Goods: Bread, Gluten Free, Ketogenic, Soy Free, Sugar Free, Yeast Free

The perfect crust to build cheese bread off of, or toast and eat solo! Of course it is a pizza crust so don't forget to try that too! THIS IS FOR TWO CRUSTS!! 5.8g nc per crust (5g fiber/32.7g fat/ 21.25 g protein) Clean KETO from us to you means NO grains and NO sugar Keto products make have a slightly different texture/taste than what you would expect with traditional baked goods. Produced safely in a shared kitchen. As always we take fun-food seriously, so this product is 100% Gluten-Free and Keto, without pesky preservatives or additives that we know you don’t want. Enjoy right away, refrigerate for up to 3 days, or freeze for up to 2 months. USA / Indiana / Marion County

Almond meal, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, baking powder, whey protein isolate, salt, eggs, psyllium husk, sour cream, garlic, rosemary and olive oil.

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Q: Thank you for your prompt reply. However, if you follow a ketogenic diet yourself, you know the difference between total carbs and net carbs. ;o) As a diabetic, it is crucial that I know my TOTAL carb consumption. Net carbs are not reliable regarding glucose control. Therefore, I ask again... how many TOTAL carbs are in each crust? Thanks.

A: Hello! I'm happy to provide you with the entire carb count, please know we are a very small company and work dilligently to provide our customers with foods that meet their needs. We are in the process of having all of our recipes calculated by an outside company therefore I may not readily have it all on hand and we appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter! TOTAL/DIABETIC CARB: 8.75g Per 1- 100g pizza crust! Eat Well! Be Strong! 42

September 3rd, 2019 person_outline Suzan M.
Q: How many total carbs in the crust? How big around is the crust? Thanks so much for trying to help ketogenic eaters!

A: Hi! Thanks for reaching out. We love what we do and since we are keto ourselves we know how difficult it can be! Our crusts are 7" in diameter and 5.8g net carb for the entire crust! :) Hope this helps! KET-ON 42

August 22nd, 2019 person_outline Suzan M.
Q: Could you tell me the number of carbs in the pizza dough? Thanks.

A: Hi! Thanks for asking! The entire crust is 8g net carb. Hope this helps and thanks for reaching out. All the best! 42 Bakery

December 8th, 2019 person_outline Michele Z.
star star star star star_outline

format_quoteThese were good. I received them broken up but I will order again and hope they hold together. format_quote

September 3rd, 2019 person_outline Leigh H.
star star star star star

format_quoteThese crusts are delicious! I made simple little pizzas and all of my kids gobbled them up!format_quote

August 22nd, 2019 person_outline Erin Z.

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