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42 Bakery

NEW Keto Lifestyle Family (4+ people) Box **with BROWNIES**(Gluten-Free)

Baked Goods: Gift, Bagel, Bread, Breakfast, Dessert, Gluten Free, Ketogenic, Sugar Free

What a great way to have just enough baked goods on hand to make it through the week! This is designed to have sweet and savory baked items for the Keto Family of 4+ or to share with a Keto accountability partners! Included in this Survival Box: 1loaf (12 slices+) sandwich bread (1 g NC per slice) 6 plain bagels (5g NC each) 4 pizza crusts/flatbreads plain (5.8g NC each) 1 dozen Buttersweet Cookies (.5 g NC each) 16 Brownie Bites(.5 NC each) As always we take fun food seriously and do not add shelf stabilizers, additives or preservatives to any of our products. Please eat or freeze immediately! **DO NOT MICROWAVE** please toast us in a toaster or oven❤️ *** These items are all KETO MACROS: Sandwich Bread Loaf: MACROS: 79g protein/ 175g fat/ 73g carb/ 53g fiber Calories: 2052 Plain Bagel: MACROS: 18.9 protein/ 29.14g fat/ 10.14 carbs/ 3.42g fiber Calories: 363.28 ButterSweet Cookies: MACROS: 4.1g protein/ 13.7g fat/ 3.4g carbs/ 1.5g fiber/ 10g erythritol Calories: 154 Maple Butter Bites: MACROS: 1.4g protein/ 14.7g fat/ 3.2 g carbs/ 1.9g fiber/ 5 g erythritol Calories: 150 Pizza Crusts: MACROS: USA / Indiana / Marion County

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