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Conjure Coffee

Honduras Cafescor FTO

Locally Roasted Coffee: Single Origin, Whole Bean

This coffee hails from a coop made up of 131 members across over 400 cultivated hectares in Casitas district of the Copan region in Honduras . With harvests generally taking place from November to February, growing altitude from contributing producers ranges from 1200 - 1700 masl. Coffee undergoes a 12-24 hr fermentation before both patio and mechanical drying. CAFESCOR coop founder and current president Joel López, belongs to the fourth generation of a family that has dedicated to the coffee industry since 1865. Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Carmel, Sweet, Green Apple. Roast Level: Medium. Availability: Limited.

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Q: What is the closest roast you are selling here to your XO that I get at Trubble Brewery?

A: Hi, Trubble is serving our "XS" blend. You may be remembering it as "XO". You will find our XS blend on Market Wagon and it will be the same great coffee you enjoy at Trubble. Thank you! -Adam Lead Roaster at Conjure Coffee

May 27th, 2019 person_outline Deb
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