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.5 oz Dried Oyster Mushrooms

Our Oyster Mushrooms are grown indoors in our climate-controlled grow rooms, start to finish, to ensure the highest quality mushroom you can find. Then dried in a commercial grade food dehydrator. Cultivated oyster mushrooms are not only sweet tasting but versatile, because they can be used as a subtle flavoring agent in many ways. The stems are tender and tasty, which makes them a good buy. Oyster mushroom have many health benefits, including being just as dense in protein as meat and providing excellent benefits to the immune system. Half Ounce package of Dried Oyster Mushrooms. To rehydrate or reconstitute dried mushrooms, place desired amount into a bowl covered with warm water and let dried mushrooms soak for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes have gone by, gently lift the mushrooms out of the water using a strainer. The mushrooms should be clean, plumped and ready to use.USA / Indiana / Allen County


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