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Conjure Coffee

Colombia Tolima Gaitania

Locally Roasted Coffee: Single Origin, Whole Bean

This is an Organic certified Excelso EP grade coffee from the ASCI’SP Cooperative located in Gaitania in the Tolima region of Colombia. This cooperative now has 80 members and cultivates 207 hectares of land collectively. This cooperative exists to honor and assist the Nasa people, who are indigenous to the land. They have assisted coffee farmers on their agriculture practices, as well as follow and maintain fair trade and organic standards. The Gaitania area is famous for the being the birthplace of a rebel army, FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). While Colombia has just recently signed a peace accord with this rebel force, the Nasa people of this region fought for peace to maintain their land, and have held it for over 20 years. The strength of these people have bore incredible coffee for generations. This lot is grown between 1600 and 2000 masl (miles above sea level) and varieties harvested include Caturra and Typica. These coffees are dry fermented before drying on enclosed mesh beds and open elevated patios. Tasting Notes: Sweet, Juicy, Dried Fruit, TannicColombia

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