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Chipotle Rigatoni Pasta - 12 oz Non-GMO, Whole Grain and Vegan

Chipotle Peppers (Ground) have a very dark brown color with a strong, smoky aroma and come from smoked dried jalapeno peppers. These Chipotle pastas will spice up any dish. Pair this with your chili and make your own unique style dish and don't forget to top it off with a nice cheddar cheese. Customers also love this with an Alfredo sauce. Still not sure this is the product for you, read our profile and send us a question.USA / Indiana / Allen County

Whole grain flour (non-GMO, chemical-free wheat berries), ground chipotle pepper. 6 servings per bag & each serving has about 10 g of protein, this robust and hearty pasta is well balanced, with a low glycemic index (Non-GMO, Whole Grain and Vegan) Learn More at on the Benefits and Information page


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