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5-Spice Duck Sausage w/ Dried Apricot & Ruby Port

I love duck in it's many forms but this sausage has got to be my favorite. We season our duck with Chinese 5-spice (Star Anise, Cinnamon, Fennel, Sichuan Pepper, Clove), Ruby Port, and thin slices of dried apricots and then we grind it all together to make this decadent sausage. Pan Fry this sausage on medium low heat or grill it with indirect heat to make sure it gets evenly cooked. Serve with buttered acorn squash, sweet potatoes or other fall veggies. Enjoy this a glass of Beaujolais Cru or Pinot Noir. SUUUUUEY this is good stuff! Our Duck sausage comes in 1LB packages (4 links)USA / Indiana / Marion County

Duck, Salt, Sugar, Port, Apricot, Chinese 5-Spice


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