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100% Beef Summer Sausage with Cheese

Summer sausage is a delicious fully cooked, smoked) sausage that is seasoned just right and served cold or room temperature with cheese, crackers, and mustard. Our Summer Sausage is made with 100% Hoosier pastured beef . These amazing bovine are grass fed until the last 6 months before processing when they are fed grain to increase their marbling and give them a delicious flavor. We get this beef from Fischer Farms in Jasper Indiana. We use a blend of beef that is 90% lean and we season it, grind it, mix it with chunks of habanero jack cheese, stuff into fibrous casings and then we smoked with a blend of cherry, hickory, and pecan wood. Our summer sausages come in approximately 20oz hanks. You don't need a special occasion for Old Major Summer sausage. Our Summer sausage IS the special occasion !! (~20oz)USA / Indiana / Marion County

Beef, habanero jack cheese, salt, sugar, spices, sodium nitrite


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